Mr. and Mrs. KCA University Contest

Mr. and Mrs. KCA University Town Campus 4

Three KCA University Town Campus students participated in the Mr. and Mrs. KCA University contest bagging the first runners up and the second runners up in the Mrs. category (Jemima Wairimu Kibandi and Shirley Kataka respectively) while also bagging the Mr. Fashion KCA University that was won by Titus Malikhu (a student of International Business Management at KCAU town campus). All the participants from KCAU town campus emerged winners. With them is the town campus SAKU President 2021/2022 Movine Ochieng.

The Town campus Director acknowledging their good efforts congratulated them and encouraged them to spearhead the formation of the modelling club at the campus. He further challenged them to get a life changing activity they can pursue to contribute to the university and the community at large during the year of their crowning.