ICT Department

Anthony Ahindu

ICT Officer

At KCA University, we strive to support our students as they discover their intellectual capacity, and we empower them to become innovators in whatever field they choose.We aim to give you a lifetime experience like no other through our digital learning experience designed for excellence. The ICT-Department keenly focuses on assisting the university realize its MISSION, and VISION through innovative use of ICT resources, services to support research, and learning, teaching and administrative processes in Town Campus. The department is headed by the ICT-Officer who is assisted by the ICT-Technician, who both report to the Campus Principal.


The major services offered at the department are done at no cost; they include but is not limited to communication and network infrastructure services, end-user support, and maintenance. In conjunction with faculty, the ICT department is very well equipped with state of the art computer-labs with a wide range of applications software, storage capacity as well as guidance and advice. The computer labs have access to internet access at all-time to allow our students undertake research.

The department takes great pride in preparing students for industrial demands of software and hardware sectors through internship opportunities for our computing students. The department dedicates itself to improving the communication aspect among students, lectures, and the industry to give students an advantage that is becoming more and more sought after. One way that the department has accomplished this is through installation of hotspots at strategic locations within the Campus. This allows our students to freely interact wirelessly at all times and be able to undertake assignments anywhere within the Campus without necessarily visiting the library.

Other ICT Services:

  • Enforcement of ICT policy at the University

  • Research, consultancy, and training of new technologies to end users.

  • ICT infrastructure services e.g. networking

  • Controlling internet usage

  • Installation of system software, application programs, antivirus programs and hardware

  • Maintenance of computers and related accessories in the University

  • Checking and testing new computers and related accessories for conformity to required standards

  • End user support

You are all welcomed to join KCA University Town Campus-Monrovia Street. Be assured of a lifetime experience.