Finance & Administration Department

Richard Otieno

Accountant – Town Campus

If we work on our dreams they eventually become our achievements and ambition does not wait this is why KCA University has designed its programmes to help students achieve their ambitions and dreams. The department of finance and administration of KCA University, Town Campusmain objective is to manage finance and administrative functions at the Campus and ensure that all units meet their financial obligations to stakeholders. The administrative division ensures that all facilities at the Campus are adequate and are in good working conditions to effectively support the student learning objectives. The department also ensures that there is efficient and effective housekeeping, adequate supply of cleaning materials, communication and telephone services. For effective service delivery, the department continuously identity and recommend short and long term needs relating to infrastructure maintenance.


Services provided to students at the finance office include:

  • Financial aid,

  • Exams clearance,

  • Advancing discounts,

  • Student statements,

  • Student clearance,

  • Student billing,

  • Students’ accounts inquiries

  • Revenue Collection