Academics Department

Hannah Wanyoike

Head of Academics

Only a few individuals in every era must work outside the boundary lines of conventional society in order to make the clearest and most penetrating observations.”KCA University has a passion for producing academicians who will revolutionize conventional society. Our robust academic department is unmatched composed of great thinkers and innovative leaders. The KCA University Town Campus is an academic unit of KCA University, dedicated to ensuring academic excellence. The academic needs of the student are met by ensuring innovative curricula, research and effective delivery. The university is dedicated to ensuring high national, regional and global employability for KCAU Town Campus graduates.


Objectives of the department

At KCAU Town campus, we are dedicated to ensure that our students and eventual graduates, the following goals are met by the academic unit:

  1. Ensuring that town campus students are well linked to their respective industries through networks created by the academic unit through our programmes that enhance industry linkages.

  2. Ensuring that town campus students benefit from career placement via the university’s developed career placement programmes.

  3. Enabling students and graduates to benefit from our excellent research programmes in their respective disciplines. This will enable a student to fit into the global labour market.

  4. Enabling students to benefit by being able to study both academic courses and professional courses offered with a lot of flexibility due to the different modes of studies offered within KCAU Town Campus.

  5. Close student engagement by the faculty to participate in professional development activities that will enhance the employability of KCAU Town campus graduates.

  6. Incorporation of modern ICT in the learning process to enhance student learning and interaction experience.

  7. Providing our students with campus life experience through extra-curricular activities such as clubs activities, religious groups, entertainment, and indoor sports among others.


Head of Academics

Hannah Wanyoike