Enrollment & Campus Life

Beryl Auma

Enrollment and Campus Life Officer


It’s not just academic Achievement that brings men and women from all walks of life to the us. KCA University seeks individuals with a desire to change the world in a meaningful way, individuals who seek to hone their skills and intellect to contribute to something meaningful. We strive to produce leaders both in and out of class who understand the benefit of holistic development of mind, body and spirit and seek to achieve it. The Objective of the Enrolment Department is to ensure that we attract such individuals into the University and ensure their experience in the institution is memorable and productive not only academically but socially as well by availing activities that engage the mind, body and spirit of the students.

The enrolment department markets the university courses, enrolls and orient the students in to the university. The department ensures that the students life in Campus is comfortable and runs smoothly by providing timely information and assistance. We also maintain industry linkages to ensure that students are in touch with the happenings in the industry they intend to work in by organizing talks with industry leaders. These industry linkages also assist the University in securing placement for the students at the end of the study period.


Campus life

A holistic development of the students is at the heart of what KCA University is about as we strive to ensure that students get services aside from the Academics bit this includes: activities & clubs, sports, counselling services, health & wellness, community service, public safety, student accommodation financial aid and scholarships, Work study and Student Engagement Programme (SEP) which helps the student get hands on experience in the work place.

To maintain a good communicative relationship with the students we have a comprehensive orientation programme that aims at creating awareness about University events, processes and procedures among students and provide timely responses to student’s issues. In addition,we have a vibrant Student Association of KCA University (SAKU), to help as achieve this goal.

We educate our students on the Student Disciplinary and Grievance handling policies and procedures and oversee the implementation to maintain good mannerisms among the students.

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Beryl Auma

Enrolment and Campus Life Officer

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